Teso Educational Support Services (TESS)
Helping young people in Teso, Uganda
to learn for life.


At TESS, we partner with local families to send their children to secondary school. We work to identify the most needy in the community and partner them with our sponsors around the world. We focus on helping as many young people in Teso as possible to access secondary education. The majority of our students are girls, who often miss out on secondary school. Our students are supported for an initial four years (until O level) at a cost of £360 per year.

We are thrilled that many of the young people who have gone through our sponsorship programme are now working and contributing to the cost of education of their family members and others in their communities.

A letter from Alice:

Hope this finds you and your family well,
It's an honour to have known you.
I am so humbled for your love for God and his people that you generously and cheerfully gave towards my Education which saw me through high school and college.
I am glad to inform you that I qualified with a diploma in Nursing from Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2014. Since then I am serving as a missionary nurse in the needy communities of Uganda. I was I first sent in 2015 to Yumbe District in the West Nile region of Uganda to a sub-county called Kei which borders Uganda and South Sudan. Last year in October the missions agency (Global Link Africa) I serve under had an exchange of missionaries with iServe Africa another missions agency in Kenya and I happen to be sent here in Kenya for one year before I can go back to Uganda.
I never have enough words to express my gratitude but I am forever grateful.

Educating young people like Alice not only has a huge impact of individual lives, but on the lives of the communities in which they live and work.

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Life Skills Conference

We love to gather all our students together at our annual life-skills conferences. Here we meet together and hold interactive workshops and discussions about some of the ‘life-skills’ that all young people need to make their way in the world.

The Shalom Centre

Thanks to the generous donations our supporters, we were able to build The Shalom Centre, a multi-purpose building close to our offices in Teso with a vision to create a vocational education hub in the region.

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Alumni Network

The alumni network provides vital support to TESS alumni. They are also TESS champions in Uganda and beyond raising vital funds and awareness of TESS’ vision and work. Any TESS graduate can join the alumni network which is administered by our very first TESS student, Joseph.

Watch our video to find out more.