Teso Educational Support Services (TESS)
Helping young people in Teso, Uganda
to learn for life.

Sponsoring a girl to attend secondary school

Sponsorship with TESS creates a wonderful opportunity for the young people of Teso to attend school and enjoy all the benefits that this opportunity brings. We have seen how education transforms communities. Thank you for joining in our vision to see the young people of this region access learning for life and develop their God-given potential.

Full-sponsorship costs £360 per year for an initial 4 years. This supports a student from S1 (first year of Senior School) to S4 and an opportunity to take O levels. This cost can be spread out over monthly payments. There is also the possibility of co-sponsoring a child; where the fees are split between more than one sponsor.Your sponsorship donation covers school and boarding fees.

Sponsoring a young woman to attend an income generating course

You can sponsor a young women attend a 4 month income-generating skills where she will learn everything she needs to know to start her own business. She will also receive support from a business mentor and ‘top-up’ literacy and numeracy training if she wishes. Sponsoring a young women to attend this course costs £200 per participant, per course.

Further FAQs are answered below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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How is a student selected for sponsorship?

We advertise out programme in Teso through local media. Candidates are invited to complete an application form which assesses need and previous academic effort. In 2017, we had 10 places available. Our team in Uganda went through each application and short-listed the most suitable candidates. Our team then carried out home visits and eventually selected our 10 new starters.

Can I choose if I sponsor a boy or a girl?

Yes, we will do our best to partner you with a student that you feel you can relate to.

When can I write to my student?

You do not have to write to your student but if you do want to, you can send your letter into the TESS office at any time. We post monthly to Uganda.

When will I hear from my student?

Your student will be expected to write to you within two months of receiving a letter from you. Their letters are sent to the TESS office and then we send them out to you.

Does TESS monitor the letters sent to and from students?

In order to keep both our sponsors and students safe, we do monitor the letters sent to and from our students. We ask that you do not share your personal contact details with your students whilst they are within our programme. All contact should be made through the TESS office.

Can I include gifts in my letter?

We can not send large items or food but small, inexpensive gifts such as postcards, photos, stickers, pens etc can be sent.

How long will my sponsorship last?

We hope that you will be able to sponsor your student for the four years in takes them to complete O levels. Students can then reapply to continue in their education to A level, but this is dependent on their effort/achievement and whether we have a sponsor to cover this.

Can I continue to support my student after they have finished their Secondary education?

Some sponsors do like to continue to support their student after their time with TESS is over. This is completely between student/sponsor. TESS is not involved in facilitating such arrangements.

I am concerned about what my student has written. What should I do?

Please let the TESS office know if your student makes a disclosure or says anything that is worrying to you. We take the welfare of our students seriously.

Is it possible to visit my student?

A number of sponsors have visited their students and have found it very rewarding. TESS does not involve itself in travel arrangements etc and can not cover any of the costs involved. We can help you liaise with your student’s family/school.