Teso Educational Support Services (TESS)
Helping young people in Teso, Uganda
to learn for life.

We support academically-brilliant young women to attend school, university and vocational college

At TESS, we partner with local families to send their children to secondary school, university and vocational college. We work to identify the most needy in the community and partner them with our sponsors. The majority of our students are girls. Since 2019, we have recruited girls who have all achieved the highest academic results in their classes but whom without support, would not be able to continue with school because of a lack of funding  .

We are thrilled that many of the young people who have gone through our sponsorship programme are now working and contributing to the cost of education of their family members and others in their communities.

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We train young women who have been forced to leave school to generate income by starting their own businesses

We offer income-generation training to young women who are excluded from the school system because of pregnancy and early marriage. In so doing, we hope to impact not only the financial success of their young families, but also to encourage them to see beyond survival into flourishing and realising their own potential to break the cycle of poverty in their own families and communities. We are committed to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal to ‘Leave No-One Behind’.

Our programme offers 3 months of practical training followed by 1 month of business mentoring. We give the young women the practical skills they need to learn how to make a simple product which can be easily marketed within their own communities.